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Church of the Valley

Church of the Valley – One Church, Many Locations

Church of the Valley is a cooperative effort of many and varied Pastors and churches in Josephine County. We are coming together for the purpose of expressing our faith in and obedience to Christ by facilitating the building of relationships between congregational leaders and the Church’s ministry to our community.

Weekly, monthly, and annual events are held to build relationships between the spiritual leaders in our community. Through special annual events like Serve Grants Pass and Church in the Park, the Church comes together to assist schools and service providers through acts of service (over $1,000,000 in donated labor and materials so far!) and to celebrate the love of Jesus.

Our Values

  • We acknowledge our dependence upon God for all things
  • We submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Bible
  • We share a common passion for the spiritual transformation of our community
  • We visibly demonstrate our unity in Jesus Christ to the people of this community, not just as unified local churches but as the unified Church of the Valley
  • We practice regular and unified prayer and worship among:
    • Pastors
    • Church Leaders
    • All the believers of the Church of the Valley
  • We covenant in love to maintain the unity of the Spirit affirming our common faith in Christ and the core Christian doctrines of the Scriptures
  • We guard our relationships by honoring one another, respecting one another’s differences, and supporting one another in life and ministry
Church of the Valley